Industry Solutions


Telecommunication, media, and entertainment companies are often subject to changing market conditions and complex challenges. The ability to adapt quickly in this highly competitive industry is crucial to organizational success.

With a heightened focus on margins, customer acquisition, retention, cross-selling, and channel and territory management, business strategies must incorporate innovative technology to help promote efficient processes that accelerate business performance.

As a leading provider of Finance, HR, and Sales solutions, AttributeX’s offers strategic and tactical services to help customers within the communications industry increase business performance and be on a proven path to rapid results. Contact us today to learn what we can do to help your business succeed.

Financial Services

Financial Services is one the of most highly regulated industries worldwide. Organizations in the United States must stay in compliance with regulations set forth by the Dodd-Frank Act, while the United Kingdom must oblige by the Financial Conduct Handbook. As a result, it is imperative that organizations are able to remain transparent with their processes.

As market conditions shift, financial services are coupled with increased pressures on margins, credit changes, and customer demands. Organizations must make changes to their operations as it relates to mitigating risk, while simultaneously supporting growth strategies.

Whether it is strategic development, process improvements, or data management, AttributeX’s is committed to helping organizations navigate the challenging global landscape of this industry, from strategy to success.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

As a result of the healthcare and life science industry continuously evolving, organizations are investing in IT solutions to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer care, and strengthen business strategies.

Top ranked organizations are able to excel and create a competitive advantage with the use of data to help identify gaps in their processes, as well as find new opportunities. This data, including sales management, employee management, and financial management, helps align corporate objectives with those of each business line, so that success is achievable.

As a software agonistic partner and client advocate, AttributeX’s offers a full portfolio of comprehensive services to assist organizations within the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry become best-in-class. Contact us today to learn how our proven approach will help you from strategy to success.

High Tech and Distribution:

High Tech and Distribution is advancing, competition is growing, and organizations can often find themselves dealing with demanding consumers, technology advancements, and mergers and acquisitions. For this, it is imperative that organizations are able to adapt and be flexible in order to stay ahead of the competition.

In order to understand trends, data is crucial, especially as markets shift and new emerging markets become visible. Data that is stuck in outdated systems leads to missed opportunities, unmotivated employees, and higher overhead costs.

As 10 year running as the leading global consultancy firm, with over 1300 projects going live globally, AttributeX’s helps High Tech and Distribution firms optimize their systems for success. With the right solution and strategy, your organization will be on proven path to rapid results.


In a highly regulated industry, such as Insurance, compliance is key. When working in homegrown and outdated systems, third party software, or policy administration systems, insurance companies run the risk of making huge mistakes, in turn effecting operational excellence, customer retention, and overall business growth.
To help ensure compliance, responsiveness, and accuracy, organizations need a system that enables transparency and measurability. Once the right solution is implemented, organizations will have enhanced visibility into data that supports performance spikes, pay-outs, audit requirements, and customer satisfaction.

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Retail has one of the most complex selling environments, requiring organizations to be constantly on their feet. As buyers needs and wants change, the ability to react quickly is imperative.

Success is achievable for retailers when there is clear visibility into all levels of the organization. This encompasses being able to align corporate objectives with the buying habits of customers in a way that can be easily understood and analyzed. Data that is easily digestible enables organizations to create strategies that support the need to operate at the highest efficiency and flexibility, in turn leading to growth.